TI TMS320C28341 Chip Decryption

In the pursuing chip decryption career , TI ‘s TMS series DSP chip became popular star
for many reverse engineer, Beijing Shouxi Zhixin Technology Co. LTD also has a very
prominent position in his area , including the following success cases.

TMS320C2812 TMS320C2811 TMS320C2802 TMS320C2801 TMS320F280200DA TMS320F280200PT
TMS320F28020DA TMS320F28020PT TMS320F28021DA TMS320F28021PT TMS320F28022DA
TMS320F28022PT TMS320F28023DA
TMS320R2812 TMS320R2811 TMS320F28235 TMS320F28234 TMS320F28232 TMS320F28016
TMS320F28015 TMS320F280253PT TMS320F28026DA TMS320F28026PT TMS320F28027DA
TMS320F28027PT TMS320F28030PAG TMS320F28030PN TMS320F28031PAG TMS320F28031PN
TMS320F28032PAG TMS320F28032PN TMS320F28033PAG TMS320F28033PN TMS320F28034PAG
TMS320F28034PN TMS320F28035PAG TMS320F28035PN TMS320C28341
TMS320C28342 TMS320C28343 TMS320C28344 TMS320C28345 TMS320C28346 TMS320F28334

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