SST89E58RC chip program clone or chip decryption

Generally speaking, Microprogrammed Control Unit(MCU) provides users with internal
EEPROM/FLASH to store programs and working data.Beijing shouxi zhixin company can
successfully provide SST89E58RC chip program clone or chip decryption service.
Our engineer has the ability to break the protection of SST89E58RC mcu,and access and
copy the programe,please contact for detail information.

8-bit 8051-Compatible Microcontroller (MCU)with Embedded SuperFlash Memory
– Fully Software Compatible
– Development Toolset Compatible
8 KByte secondary block(128-Byte sector size for both blocks)
– Individual Block Security Lock with SoftLock
– Concurrent Operation during
In-Application Programming (IAP)
– Memory Overlay for Interrupt Support during IAP
• SST89E5xRD2 Operation
– 0 to 40 MHz at 5V
• SST89V5xRD2 Operation
– 0 to 33 MHz at 3V
• 1 KByte Internal RAM
• Dual Block SuperFlash EEPROM
– 8/16/32 KByte primary block +

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