read locked mcu MC9S08GW64 and MC9S08GW32

The MC9S08GW is a low-power 8-bit microcontroller family based on the proven S08
core,Covers: MC9S08GW64 and MC9S08GW32.we can provide MC9S08GW64 and MC9S08GW32 MCUs crack and decryption,read locked mcu,reverse the mcu,extract the code and dataof MC9S08GW64 and MC9S08GW32 MCUs.
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Additionally, the flexible LCD controller enables it to be highly integrated. The
MC9S08GW MC9S08GW64 and MC9S08GW32 family comes with a full suite of hardware and software tools to make development quick and easy.MC9S08GW64 and MC9S08GW32 MCUs crack and decryption

motorola S08GW MC9S08GW64 and MC9S08GW32 MCUs Features:
20 MHz bus frequency S08 8-bit core
64 KB and 32 KB flash options
16/32-bit CRC with programmable G(x)
64/80 LQFP package options
Flexible LCD controller
Up to 288 segments
Regulated charge pump (contrast control)


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