MM908E625 HC08 microcontroller


The MM908E625 is an integrated single package solution including a
high performance HC08 microcontroller with a SMARTMOS analog
control IC.

Freescale MM908E625 MCU features:
High-performance M68HC908EY16 core
• 16 KB of on-chip flash memory & 512 B of RAM
• Internal clock generation module
Freescale MM908E625 MCU Clone
• Four low RDS(ON) half-bridge outputs
• One low RDS(ON) high side output
• 13 micro controller I/Os
• Two 16-bit, two-channel timers
• 10-bit ADC
• LIN physical layer
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• Autonomous watchdog with cyclic wake-up
• Three two-pin Hall effect sensor input ports
• One analog input with switchable current source

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