MC56F8322VFAE code extraction

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The MC56F8322VFAE is a member of the 56800E core-based family of controllers. Each combines, on a single chip, the processing power of a Digital Signal Processor (DSP) and the functionality of a microcontroller with a flexible set of peripherals to create an extremely cost-effective solution.

The MC56F8322VFAE supports program execution from internal memories. Two data operands can be accessed from the on-chip data RAM per instruction cycle. These devices also provide one external dedicated interrupt line and up to 21 General Purpose Input/Output (GPIO) lines, depending on peripheral configuration.

The MC56F8322VFAE controller includes 32KB of Program Flash and 8KB of Data Flash, each programmable through the JTAG port, and 4KB of Program RAM and 8KB of Data RAM. A total of 8KB of Boot Flash is incorporated for easy customer inclusion of field-programmable software routines that can be used to program the main Program and Data Flash memory areas.


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