Decrypt TMS320F2812 in one hour

Beijing Shouxi Zhixin Technology Co. LTD,is proficient in IC reverse analysis
such as microcontroller decryption, chip crack, MCU attack, DSP reverse. the
company has also developed sophisticated crack tools that can unlock and open
the most complicated MCUs in the market. With the progress of the latest
circuit board technology, it is essential to have experts around to help you
when you require assistance right away.

If you take the devices or chips to our office, we can decrypt them within
one hour. We can supply the test chips to our clients.
Please contact us for more

TMS320F2812 series DSP is a series of 32 bits fixed-point digital signal processor.
It is the most advanced and most powerful DSP chip. TSM320F2812 have the capability
of digital signal processing, event management and embedded controlment, with which
features,it is specially applicable to the monitor and control conditions with large
amount of datas needed to be processed, for example:Industrial Automatic Control,
power electronic applications technology, Intellectural instrument and motors,motor
servo control and so on. Currently, many servo control instruments,UPS,transducer
adopt TI’s TMS320F2812.


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