ATMEGA168PA programming recommendations


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As a result of ATMEGA324 MCU accepts the latest encryption technology ofATMEL Corporation , ATMEL ATMEGA324 chips has lone been regarded as the most difficult to decrypt and reverse in the industry . And I am using the world’s most advanced technology and equipment, professional provides ATMEGA324 firmware reverse engineer service and dedication to provide our customers with professional atmel decryption services for domestic and foreign electronic companies to get and recover lost data or study advanced enterprise design ideas to provide technical support.

ATMEGA324 features:

Memory features
Flash Memory 32 kB
EEPROM Data Memory 1024 B
SRAM Data Memory 2048 B

MCU Specific features
Clock Frequency 0 – 20 MHz
Supply Voltage 2.7 – 5.5 V
Sleep Modes 6
On-Chip Debug support via JTAG port Yes
IEEE 1149.1 (JTAG) Boundary Scan Yes
Hardware Multiplier Yes
I/O Pins 32
On Chip Oscillator Yes
Interrupts 31
Interrupts, External pins 32
Brown-out Detection Yes
Power-on Reset Yes
Fully Static Operation Yes



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